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   * Viewing Images
   * Seeing More Detail
   * Playing a Slideshow
   * Saving Your Favorites
   * Inviting Your Friends
   * Sending Favorites to your Photographer
   * Photographer's notes
   * Ordering Photos
   * Completing Your Order


Click on a thumbnail on the left to see it larger on the right side of your screen. To see more thumbnais use the scrollbar on the right-hand slide of the thumbnail area.

The images in this Album are usually arranged into one or more groups. If more than one group is available, you can select the group from the drop-down menu to the right of the favorites tab near the top-left of the page.

You can also use the Previous Photo and Next Photo buttons to step through all the images. The Next Photo button will automatically load the next group of images, if present, when you reach the end of the current group.


 You inspect the large images in more detail by clicking on the Zoom button and dragging the Zoom Viewer window around. Unless the images have been uploaded by the photographer in Hi-Def (see below), images will be shown a slightly blurry in the Zoom Viewer. This is because, to make the images display faster for you, only low resolution copies are used for internet display.

Any images that have been uploaded in Hi-Def will have a Hi-Def shown below the bottom right-hand corner of the big image. These images will be shown with greater clarity when viewed with Zoom Viewer window. You can also select to view these images at x2 or x3 zoom levels by clicking on these at the bottom of the Zoom Viewer window.


 To run a slideshow of all the images in the album click the Play Slideshow button. During the slideshow you can use the Slower and Faster buttons to control the speed and the Re-start, Pause buttons as well. Use the Stop button to return to the image browsing page.


 You can gather your favorite images together by clicking on the Add to Favorites button under any big image that you like. You can then see all your selected favorites together by selecting the Favorites Tab (next to the Photos tab) near the top left of the page.

 You can save (and later re-load) your selected favorites under your email address using the Load/Save Favorites button.


 You can invite your friends to view this album using the Email Invitations/Favorites button. This will send up to three emails at a time with links to this abum. Check the Include your Favorites box if you would like them to also see which favorites you have selected as well. You can include a show message with the invitation.


 If setup by your photographer, you can use the Email Invitations/Favorites button to send a list of your favorites directly to them. In this case, when you click this button, you will asked whether you wish to invite your friends or send your favorites to your photographer.


 Your photographer may have added some notes to one or more of the groups in this album. Any notes will be automatically be displayed on the right-hand side of the page when you first show that group. Clicking on any thumbnail image will hide the notes. You can show the notes again by clicking on the Show Notes button.


All albums that allow you to place orders have three dropdown menus above the big image. Use these to select the Quantity, the Product (eg a sized print) and, in cases allowed by the photographer, whether the order is for a Black & Whie (B&W) or Sepia Toned prints.

 After selecting the dropdown menus for the item that you wish to order, click the Add to Basket button. The total number of different items orders and the total cost will be displayed on the next line.

 When you have completed your ordering or wish to review or change what you have ordered, click the Check Out Basket button. This will take you to the Order Review page which lists, in detail, the items that you have ordered so far. On this page you can change order quantities, delete items from the order. The total cost is continuously updated at the bottom of the screen.

 To find out the approximate cost of your order in another currency click the Currency Convertor button and select another currency.


 When you are ready to complete your order, if you haven't done so already, click the Check Out Basket button. Select your Shipping Method and click the Checkout button at the bottom of the page. Complete the the form on the next secure page. Your payments options will be shown. You can select to have a copy of your order sent to your email account as well.

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