Loading your Favorite Photos

If you have previously saved your favorite photos during another viewing time, you can reload them for further review, to add and remove favorite photos or order as prints if this option is available.

So to Load your previously saved favorites,

Your previously selected favorite photos will display in the Favorites tab with a small icon (heart) on each thumbnail image.

Note 1:
If you wish to add further favorites or remove some from any currently saved, make sure you load your previously saved Favorites first as described above, make any changes, then save them again using the same email address.

Otherwise only your currently displayed favorites will be saved and any previously saved ones will be lost (if using the same email address).

Be sure to enter your email address correctly when loading and saving.

Note 2:
Your favorites are not actually emailed to you, but stored under your email address (as identification). Your email address is kept private and secure.