Saving Your Favorite Photos

If you have gathered your favorite photos together using the Add Selected Photo to Favorites tool, then you can Save these favorites for another viewing time (or to share with your friends and family).

To Save your selected favorites,


Your favorites selected in the current viewing session will be all together under the Favorites tab (with the Heart icon) located above the thumbnail images near the top-left of the page.

To access the Add (or Remove) Selected Photo to Favorites tool, simply move your mouse pointer over the big image and the menu will display above.

Selected favorite photos display a small icon (heart) on the thumbnail image on the left.

Note 1:
If you wish to add further favorites to any currently saved, make sure you load your previously saved Favorites first, make your changes, then save them again using the same email address.

Otherwise only your currently displayed favorites will be saved and previously saved ones will be lost (if using the same email address).

Also be sure to enter your email address correctly.

Note 2:
Your favorites are not actually emailed to you, but stored under your email address (as identification). Your email address is kept private and secure.