Completing Your Order

When you are ready to complete your Order, select the Checkout button and

  1. Enter your Contact and Billing address details.

  2. Select the Shipping Details button for entering your Shipping method (from the pull down list at the top) and Shipping address if applicable.

    If this is the same as your Billing Address or not applicable (eg if the option to collect your order from the Studio is available), then select the box next to "Shipping Address" to remove this entry requirement.

  3. Select the Payment Details button and choose from the Select Payment Method pull down list. If paying by Credit card or PayPal (when available), please complete the form on our secure page, then choose the Confirm Order button.

  4. On the final page, please check all the details on the right hand side and add any final extra information for us into the box provided.

    Then select the Complete Order button to finalize your order.

  5. A copy of your order is instantly sent to your email address (if correctly entered in your contact details).

    If you don't receive our Order notification email within 30 mins, then please check your trash, spam or junk mail boxes. Alternatively you may have entered an erroneous email address on the Contact Details page when ordering. You are welcome to contact us about this - details on our Home page.

  6. In any case, we look forward to contacting you regarding your order, thank you!