Ordering in Sepia Tone or Black & White

If the ordering and effects options are both available, you can easily Order a selected print in it's original form and/or with a filtering effect (ie Sepia Tone or Black & White).

You can do this while in Album or Room View by:

  1. Selecting the photo you wish to order

  2. Applying the desired effect (see below on how to do this)

  3. From the Order menu, select As a Print

  4. Choose the Print size (if not already highlighted)

  5. Choose Add To Basket button (a little shopping cart will then display in the thumbnail image along with the currently applied effect).

If you wish to order the same photo with a different effect or print size, you can do this instantly while still in the Order This Photo window.

Simply choose the new print size and/or effect you wish to order, and select the Add to Basket button again. Then to review your current order, select the View Basket button at the bottom, or simply Return To the previous View.

Effects Hints:

You can access the big image Filtering Effects tools (plus more) by moving your mouse pointer over the big image and the menu will display above.

If you have applied a Sepia Tone or Black & White on a selected photo, a small icon (showing which filter is applied) will display in the bottom left corner of the thumbnail image.