Using the Zoom Viewer for more detail

You can inspect the large photo in more detail by selecting the Zoom Viewer tool and dragging the Zoom Viewer window around.

To access the Zoom Viewer (magnifying glass) , simply move your mouse pointer over the big image and the menu will display above.

Why are My Images blurry Zooming in?

Unless the photos have been uploaded in HiDef (see below), images will display as slightly blurry in the Zoom Viewer. This is to make the photos display faster for you (only low-resolution copies are used for Internet display).

HiDef means better Zoom Clarity

HiDef photos will display with greater clarity when using the Zoom Viewer window. And you can select to view these photos at x2 or x3 zoom levels by clicking on the labels at the bottom of the Zoom Viewer window.

Photos that have been uploaded in HiDef will have the word "HiDef" shown next to the Photo name at the top left corner of the big image.